Changing America's Perception of Skilled Careers  

America has millions of high-paying jobs available in skilled careers yet is held back by the misperception that a four-year college degree is the only opportunity for success. In order to draw attention to the gap between the jobs available and the skilled labor needed, we were asked by the VF Corporation to create a compelling movement that would help pique interest and engage the demographic to learn more. 
We developed the “Make It” campaign platform as a motivational message that you could make a good living, make a great life, and make a difference with a skilled career. To unify the message and underscore that this was more than a campaign but a movement, we created the “Make It Movement” brand and accompanying style guide. The Make It Movement was launched with commercials and short stories across NCAA Football in Texas in the fall of 2019 and across digital and social channels with a corresponding splash page to drive engagement. 

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