We, at CSpence Group, are enormously proud to play an integral role in the launch of The Promiseland Project.
The Promiseland Project is a long-term marketing and grassroots campaign to unleash the power of purpose to bridge the cultural divide in America. We believe that’s America’s Promise is a country built on the concept where all of us who work hard and take responsibility have the opportunity to develop and live up to our full potential. But the politically-driven mass cultural divide in our country is preventing us from making good on this promise.

The Promiseland Project uses the power of positive, non-partisan, solution-driven and purpose-inspired marketing to lead the way in building an inclusive culture and high performing economy in the United States. It is an organization that is dedicated and committed to using the power of purpose-inspired messaging to help move America from the dark winter of deep political and cultural division into a bright new dawn of becoming a Culture of US. As in USA.
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